The Painful Road to Eden


In The Beginning There Was Death  (Instrumental)
The Stinking Low Tide
Spirit of the Beehive
The Painful Road to Eden
 Instant Hate Response
 Heart of the Sea  (Instrumental)
Of Gods and Monsters
Prelude to an Earthquake
...Said the Spider to the Fly
Mass Coronal Ejection
 Old Creeping Jesus
 There are Worse Things Waiting

Cold Moon Over Babylon


Cold Moon Over Babylon
The Black Pyramid
Arise Neophyte
A Murder of Demons
Heart of the Mountain (instrumental)
Confessions of a Flesh Eater
Union of the Snake
On Pain, Transcendence and the Dark Design
The Transit of Venus
Clavicula Salomonis (instrumental)
Confessions of a Flesh Eater - Extended Version (Hellfire Re-issue)


Born of Sand and Snow

2011 compilation album Featuring Vulvagun and 14 acts from around the world.
A blend of classic and new metal from a range of styles.

01. Temujin – Mind Games
02. Demise of Gideon – The Tiny Room Suite Door 4 (Pathos)
03. Where Angels Fall – Indifferent
04. Blackthorn – Necromance
05. Larin – World of Pain
06. Trepidation – Take A Chance
07. Fateless Tears – Stasis
08. Vulvagun – The Black Pyramid
09. Richard J Baysinger – Dark Redeemer
10. Angelical Tears – No More
11. Frantic Amber – Wrath of Judgement
12. Ion Drive – Death Without Glory
13. Amadeus – Who Will Rise
14. Sad Alice Said – Open Your Eyes.

The Compilation To End All Compilations

2013. Rock Gator Radio from Florida, USA presents a collection of great Rock and Metal bands from around the world. Features the VULVAGUN track 'EJECTING THE CORE' which does not appear on any othe release.

1. Mongrel – Bored To Death
2. Lynch – Be There
3. Lit Up – Deadman Walking
4. Reagan Smash – To Your Knees
5. Convoy – In The Mouth Of Madness
6. Aunt Stella’s Ashes – Somewhere Close To Sane
7. Fight Another Day – Rub Some Dirt On It
8. Love In War – Stray Bullets
9. Myndsight – Cycle Of Violence
10 .Present Darknes – Present Darkness
11. Dakota Black – Still Bleeding
12. Kill The Sound – Locked Down
13. Black Tent Revival – I’m A Bad Man
14. Rubble Road – First Ticket Out
15. Voodoo Terror Tribe – Masquerade
16. Temujin – Haunted
17. Vulvagun – Ejecting The Core
18. Earthbound – I Decalre War
19. Toecutter – Screams
20. Onpoint – New Sun Rising
21. Fateless Tears – Return To Sender
22. Another Life Spared – Cataclysm
23. Luminis – Other Side Of The Mirror