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Cold Moon Over Babylon - Reviews

"It is a very competitive market out there with so many great bands and VULVAGUN deserves to have their new album mentioned alongside all the greats. You will be amazed by the work of true Metal art they have created. Rush out and buy this masterwork as soon as you can. 10/10"
- Jonathan Maphet, - Read entire review

"Without doubt some polished, classy, skilful and magnificently executed metal right here. Vulvagun reminds me of more recent Nevermore, but with some nice Iron Maiden-isms in the guitar tones and melodies. It's always nice to find genuine talented metal from Australia"
- Jonny Satts, Roadrunner

"Great Gothic arches of sex, death and winged mythical beasts loom and do battle for our entertainment, edification and doom. Great metal lead singing here, plus a most excellent nod to The Omen soundtrack. This really kicks buckets of ass."
- Superfan,

“Though labelled as power metal, I would hesitate to describe their music as just that. Mixing elements of USPM with a dash of prog and a slab of thrash, Vulvagun produces a heavy and darkly shaded album of twisting harmonies and thundering riffs. I find myself coming back to it many evenings when I have time for dedicated listening. Vulvagun isn't playing with the kids here, this is a well-developed piece of work with great depth. 4.75 out of 5”

- The Protagonist, - Read entire review

"Vulvagun has definite power metal core that combined with their mythological subject matter makes for one killer disc... a dynamic debut from this Australian band that with a little bit of luck could become the next powerhouse in the metal music world. They have all the tools. Scintillating guitar work, thought provoking lyrics...

I cannot find a weak spot or anything negative to say about this album at all... It is strongly recommended and will be on my best of the year list for sure. This one is a real no brainer. 5 stars out of 5"

- Scott Ward, - Read entire review

The band's name might sound rather funny, but I assure you something serious this way comes. Thanks to excellent sound production, you will be able to fully enjoy the dark and majestic atmosphere. This is quite some big bang we have here. Impressive stuff, and hopefully thealbum gets enough worldwide attention it deserves.

- Eeepi, - Read entire review

"This is TRUE METAL that you will not hear on your local radio, which of course is a damn shame, because this CD sounds really great, thanks to great vocal work, super-strong melodies, a massive guitar based Metal backup (with even some Thrash Metal riffs!) and a really great production. Without a doubt, we have a winner here with VULVAGUN. 8.5 out of 10"

- Gabor Kleinbloes- Hot New Reviews - Read entire review

"In short, there is something stunning at work here... a beautifully controlled band to behold."

- Olivier No Limit, - Read entire review  (in French)

 "Horsepower riffs, tight, speedy and cohesive playing that defies expectations... A great Metal Band with well crafted melodies backed by experience and a love of history. Outstanding!"

- Age of Metal, Japan -  - Read entire review   (via Goolge translator)

"Vulvagun's debut is worth the praise and they are certainly a good exponent of the quality music that's out there in those remote lands (of Australia) for you to find and revere. So give them a listen because you will not regret it!" 8 out of 10

- Rakis, - Link no longer active

"For an unsigned band that I’ve never heard of before I have to say I’m pretty impressed by the quality of both the sound and the songwriting. This does not sound like the debut album from an unsigned band from down under. The production is good, the songs are fully realized complex compositions and as I listen to the album I want to hear more and know what’s next. These guys obviously know what they are doing."

- - Read entire review

"I felt a couple of tracks was exactly what was missing of the new Hammerfall album, namely good old school heavy metal tracks with clean solos and melodic choruses but then there is some Jag Panzer, Iron Maiden and heaps of 90s prog amongst the 12 tracks... some very interesting territory and song titles such as: “Arise Neophyte”, “The Black Pyramid” or “Confession of a Flesh Eater” give a hint of the darkness in subject ghosting through this album."

- Peter Fundeis, & 

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