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Wayne Dwyer on Guitar and Lead Vocals is Vulvagun's founder, producer and main songwriter. Wayne plays rhythm and lead guitars on the album and also handles lead vocal duties. With classic metal influences in his heart, and a solid background in writing, performing and producing, Wayne's vision for Vulvagun is clear: his love of history, science, music and art combine to give birth to a thought provoking, hard hitting, hook ridden soundscape of Heavy Metal.

George Larin on Lead Guitar is well known for his work with such Australian Metal luminaries as 'Taramis', 'Nothing Sacred' and with his own outfit 'Larin'. George also plays guitar in Wizard Sleeve, along side Chris. George has a unique approach to the solos on 'Cold Moon Over Babylon'; put simply, his work is well structured, aggressive, melodic and memorable. His solos are unusual in that they have a definite traditional edge for such a progressive backing.

Evan Harris on Bass Guitar is a respected and gifted player and is currently also with Melbourne band 'Eyefear'. He is the studio session and sometimes touring bass player with 'Black Majesty', had a lengthy stint in 'Dead Zone' and along with George is a legend amongst the Metal community in Australia for his work with progressive Metal pioneers 'Taramis'. Evan has toured Europe and parts of Asia with 'Black Majesty' and 'Endell Rivers' and heads off to South America in 2011 again with 'Black Majesty'. His originality and mind blowing skills are well sought after. His work on Cold Moon Over Babylon is refined yet chaotic, bringing a dimension to the songs that he is renowned for.

Chris Phillips on Drums. Chris is one of Melbourne's best known Metal drummers, having served time with 'Mass Confusion', 'Tyrus', 'Hatred', 'Blackjack', 'Dead Zone', 'Depression' and many more. Chris also recently took the drum position at the reunion show for 'Taramis', honouring the late Dave Brown, and doing it with his usual full steam ahead style . Chris has a definitive mindset when tackling Metal; hit hard, keep it simple when called for and drive the whole sound through the listener like a steam train through the cranium.

"Cold Moon Over Babylon" is the debut album from Australian Metal band Vulvagun. The album is available to download via our online distrubuter, BlueFreya (or from iTunes or Amazon) right now!  You can also purchase the CD right here from the official Vulvagun website via PayPal.  Don't use PayPal?  then you can use a credit card to purchase the CD from the BlueFreya website as well... 

About 'Cold Moon Over Babylon':
Cold Moon Over Babylon has a central theme based on the mythical Lesser Key of Solomon, an ancient text that was later interpreted and used by renaissance scholars to warn of the dangers of demon worship and associated dark arts. The fabled Hammer of Witches is an interpretive subtext and extrapolation of the Key.  Within the music and lyrics of Cold Moon Over Babylon, these themes are explored and expanded to include the idea that many of our fears and modern superstitions are a result of the doors to the underworld being opened in the distant past; of the detailed secrets now lost and the struggle to keep our demons, both real and imagined, at arms length.

The epic track "Transit of Venus" features a guest vocal appearance by Kelly Lean of Austalian gothic metal band Temujin.  A stirring duet, "Transit of Venus" is a melodic feast, the story a tragedy, with massive  and orchestral soundscapes - it is an inspirational finale to the album

Cold Moon Over Babylon was recorded at Orbit Studios near Melbourne in Australia and was written, produced and recorded by Wayne Dwyer.

Wayne, George, Evan and Chris look forward
to bringing you this slab of molten Metal;
from the cradle of history to the fires of
Hell...join us!

The twelve tracks from
'Cold Moon Over Babylon' are:

Cold Moon Over Babylon
The Black Pyramid
Arise Neophyte
A Murder of Demons
Heart of the Mountain (instrumental)
Confessions of a Flesh Eater
Union of the Snake
Of Pain, Transcendence and the Dark Design
The Transit of Venus
Clavicula Salomonis (instrumental)
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The Black Pyramid
Arise Neophyte
A Murder of Demons
Flesh Eater
Of Pain...
The Transit of Venus

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The Black Pyramid
Arise Neophyte
A Murder of Demons
Flesh Eater
Of Pain...
The Transit of Venus

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