Australian metal band Vulvagun present the long awaited follow-up to their acclaimed debut album, 'Cold Moon Over Babylon', with the powerful new album, 'The Painful Road to Eden'

"What happens when a nineteenth century naturalist/explorer discovers the ancient texts that were described in the lyrics from Vulvagun's 'Cold Moon Over Babylon'? The foundations of belief and science are destroyed and reborn in an epic tale of madness and revelation."

Coming Soon - VULVAGUN
'The Painful Road to Eden'

Are you ready to go down The Painful Road to Eden?
Beware of what waits for you down there...

The new album continues the theme of 'Cold Moon Over Babylon', taking the listener through a Lovecraftian/Darwinian labyrinth of dark science with a a story line that will journey to the edge of sanity, reality, history and myth.

The album is accompanied by stunning artwork by Melbourne artist Matt Bottos, with the story contained in the music being fleshed out by his amazing array of visual companion pieces.

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